Other engine issues

 Engine cranks slowly and does not start
Possible causes: Faulty injectors / cranking system malfunction / crankshaft bound viscosity.

 Cranking speed inconsistent and engine does not start
Possible causes: Incorrect valve timing

 Engine cranks normally but does not start
Possible causes: Problematic fuel supply / faulty glow plugs / contaminated or low quality fuel / incorrect injector pump timing / air intake and exhaust system restriction / weak cylinder compression.

 Engine does not idle
Possible causes: incorrect idle adjustment / clogged fuel filter / air in fuel system / air inlet restriction / exhaust system restriction / fuel return line restriction.

 Engine does not developing normal power
Possible causes: Dirty air cleaner, fuel filter /faulty nozzles, injectors / insufficient fuel supply / loss of engine compression / loss of turbocharger booast connections / high pressure fuel system malfunction / slipping torque converter / low quality fuel.

 Unsual noises
Possible causes: Faulty turbocharger / worn main or con rod bearing / worn piston pin bushing / faulty nozzles, injectors.

 Increased oil consumption / excess blow-by
Possible causes: Worn valve guides / worn turbocharger seals / worn piston rings / worn cylinder liners.

 Increased fuel consumption
Possible causes: Faulty nozzles, injectors / faulty turbocharger / fuel leakage / dirty air cleaner.

 Engine overheating
Possible causes: Slipping torque converter / dirty air cleaner / low quality coolant / low coolant level / plugged radiator core / worn or incorrect adjustment for belts / pulleys.