The following are some comments from AEC PRODUCTS users.

"When AEC brand was first introduced to my customers, we did not have any problem convincing them to buy. The appearance of the AEC product simply attracted the customers and convinced them to make the purchase. Just like what people says "Let the product speaks for itself." "

- Umer Hayat, director of Hayat Autos, Pakistan -

"Distracto started supplying AEC engine components since it was first introduced. We are extremely please with the quality of the products after we switched over to AEC. I do not remember a time when customers come back to complain about premature failure of engine components, which has occurred many times in the past when we were selling other brands."

- Jimmy Surianto, Marketing Manager of Distracto, Indonesia -

"Highland Tractor parts Inc. has been selling AEC parts to end users and distributors in the Philippines for many years now. Our stock level for the AEC range has increased steaddily over the last few years as customers recognise its premium quality.

We are seeing a class of quality conscious customers sticking to AEC parts, preferring it to the older and more established brands.

For customers who look for reliability and durability, we recommend AEC engine parts."

- Emily Yao, Inventory Representative of Highland Tractor Parts. Official Berco Agent, Philippines -

"Because of the critical nature of the internal engine parts, we were careful to check out the history of AEC engine products prior to actual purchasing and commissioning.

We are now using their products in our rebuilds and selling to our end users.

To date we have no problems at all with our assembled machines or from other end users we have supplied. It is our intention to continue on using what we have found to be a good product."

- Graeme Sparks, Managing Director of Lakeland Heavy Machinery. Official Berco Dealer, New Zealand -

"The AEC range has been well accepted by our customers in the Pakistan market. It offers good quality with reasonable pricing.

Paying a hefty sum for the established brands might not be a good idea after all."

- Naveed Akbar Qureshi, Director of Fair Autos, Pakistan -

"Adalah langganan AEC terutama barang barang: spring valve, piston, con rod bearing, main bearing. Pada kesempatan ini menggucapkan terima kasih atas kwalitas barang dan pelayanan yang diberikan.

The AEC range includes valves, pistons,con rod and main bearings. We would like to take this opportunity to thank our supplier for providing us with this premium range of engine components."

- Ms Nanda Hasan, Manager of PT Sienda Unggul Indonesia. Major Distributor for Cummins and Komatsu aftermarket products, Indonesia -

"I recommend AEC products to the quality conscious customer."

- Syed Minhaj-Ul-Hasan, Chief Executive of Minhaj Engineering Works, Pakistan -